About Us

Who are we?

United Visions International (UVI) is a non-profit organization founded in the US. We are a small team of highly motivated people. The goals of UVI are to reach out to the underserved population and help them with access to food, housing, education, and healthcare.


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of underserved population one step at a time. We are collaborating with various established non-profit organizations to carry out the projects close to our hearts. We want to help individuals affected by unfortunate circumstances for example personal loss, trauma, sexual abuse, mental health problems, addiction, etc. Each one of us can make a difference and together we can make a change!

Our Team


  • Dr. Prabjit Singh
  • Dr. Sukhminder Kaur


Board of directors:

  • Dr. Prabjit Singh
  • Dr. Manoj Mittal
  • Dr. Disha Mittal
  • Mr. Gurmukh Gill
  • Mr. Paramjit Khaira





  • Dr. Manish Narang
  • Dr. Anne Gillman
  • Dr. Vivek Nautiyal
  • Dr. Arman Qamar
  • Dr. Divya Kochar Navani
  • Dr. Upinder Khaira
  • Mrs. Payal Vyas
  • Mr. Jigar Vyas
  • Mrs. Seema Thakur
  • Dr. Tarandeep Kaur
  • Dr. Puneet Bhangu
  • Dr. Simran Gulati
  • Mrs. Lynne Wells
  • Mrs. Diksha Kriplani
  • Mr. Mohnish Kriplani
  • Dr. Ashwani Kapoor
  • Dr. Lokesh Popli
  • Dr. Nakul Valsangkar
  • Dr. Rohit Arora

Our Causes

United Against COVID-19

India is facing an apocalyptic second wave of COVID-19. The number of people dying from COVID-19 has increased due to scarcity of health care resources. UVI has partnered with physician alumni of University college of medical sciences school in New Delhi, residing both in US and India. Our team is constantly assessing the critical deficits in the pandemic like oxygen and ventilators. Our goal is to raise funds to arrange the necessary equipment. Our ground team will ensure that the equipment is handed over to the stressed hospitals (starting with Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital in New Delhi, India) and local organizations involved in care of COVID-19 patients. Please donate to save lives!

Healthy meals for malnourished children

Children are the hopes of future. Nearly half of under-5 children in India, die of undernutrition. Undernutrition is common in children from low socioeconomic status. We are partnering with several established non-profit organizations in India to provide healthy meals to malnourished children.

Take care of the homeless in the city of Sacramento

Over 5000 individuals in Sacramento are homeless. Our goal is to improve accessibility to basic necessities like food, clothing, personal hygiene kits for homeless people in Sacramento. Our vision is to create a multidisciplinary healthcare team and partner with local and state agencies to help make the homeless self sufficient and to help them succeed.

Our Core Values

United Visions International takes pride in our beliefs and our goals. Let’s help you get to know us a bit better so you can understand exactly who we are and what we’re about. We live by the motto? happiness is giving’ because it’s true! There’s nothing like helping those that need it because after all, what is life if it’s not enjoyed by everyone? Here are a few of our core values. Do they match yours?


We want to be as transparent as possible with the people we help and with the people that help us. That’s why we promise to be as straightforward as possible with the work we carry out and ensure everything stays out in the open. This means you can feel secure and safe in the knowledge that your generous donations are being used for good and that every single cent of it is going to where we say it’s going to go.


We take responsibility with our charity and hold ourselves accountable for both our achievements and our mistakes. We take immense pride in the fact that we’re a conscience and proud non-profit and therefore are totally honest with what we do. We’re committed to the people and we want you to know every tiny detail of that!


It’s absolutely vital to us that those we work with, those we help, and those that help us are treated with respect. Our charity is not only about happiness but kindness and we believe that starts at the core of our team. We’re all working to achieve the same goal and have to keep this in mind in trying times.


United Visions International is a dedicated group of people focussed on delivering action and results to those that need it. Our team works great together because we all share the same core beliefs and the same end goal. We can only successfully achieve this if we work together through both the ups and downs!


We know our mission is long term and therefore so is our work! There’s a lot of people to help and theres not too many of us, but that doesn’t dull our passion for the cause. Our determination will ensure that we never stop grinding to our end goal - justice and happiness for all.


Being creative means our team is made up of innovators. This means we’re open to new ideas and adapt when we need to. The mission is for a lasting and positive impact which won’t happen without some immense change. Being open minded will help us fight this battle from all angles.

Our Volunteer

Cupidatat non proident sunt

United visions international is a registered 501 c3 non-profit organization. Therefore all donations are 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Your support will aid us in achieving our goals. Please use the EIN number 85-2156342 in donation receipt to claim your tax deduction.