United Against COVID-19

We have raised 100,000 USD urgently and ordered 100 oxygen concentrators. They will be delivered to multiple Covid hospitals in India. See UVI project updates for more details.

India is currently devastated due to the deadly surge of COVID-19 pandemic. They have reported more than 20 million cases and the health care system has collapsed. People are dying outside the hospital due to lack of beds. Oxygen and ventilators are under critical shortage adding to the higher death rate. Number of our friends and families have been impacted by this awful tragedy.

United Visions International (UVI) is a physician led organization. We  are reaching out to you for your help and support, to procure more emergency medical supplies like oxygen concentrators, PPE, and pulse oximeters for underserved and rural communities in India. We also plan on helping families who are unable to afford cremation expenses of their loved ones. We are working with several non-profits in US and India to maximize our impact on these underserved communities.  Please donate generously to save lives and help underserved communities.

Our guarantee to you, the donor:
100% of the funds will be used to buy equipment and to help underserved communities.
The equipment will be used to help patients affected by COVID-19.

United Visions International, United against Covid-19 project in FOX 40 local news
Thank you Sacramento Bee for covering our story! Please donate to save lives! 



There has been a critical shortage of oxygen in India, due to unmatched demand from an overwhelming number of COVID patients. The 10 Liters/min oxygen concentrators will serve as back up for hospitals to ensure they have reliable oxygen supply. They will also be used outside the ICU setting, for floor patients, increasing hospitals’ capacity to take care of COVID patients. The 5 Liters/min oxygen concentrators will be used by patients with mild-moderate disease at home to offset some admissions.
As COVID-19 pandemic is evolving, we must improvise quickly to meet oxygen needs in myriad unconventional settings for example makeshift hospitals or homes. We are working actively to identify suppliers for oxygen cylinders, oxygen conservation devices, and oxygen generating units to support these settings. Our methodology entails establishing reliable supply chains and identifying bottlenecks preemptively.
We have a large network of physicians in India who will ensure these devices are sent to COVID hospitals. We are also looking at partnerships with home health companies and nonprofits in India, who can serve as a medium to connect these devices to the patients in need.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in helping in this humanitarian crisis.
We are building a team of individuals who can help us fundraise, market our efforts via
social media, procure more oxygen generators, and help with logistics in India. If you
are interested, then please email us at info@unitedvisionsinternational.org. 

Thank you for your generous donation! In addition to donating, please call all three of your Member of Congress to ask them to advocate for additional humanitarian assistance to India. 

You can find contact information for your two US Senators HERE

You can find contact information for your Congressman/Congresswoman in the US House of Representatives  HERE

If no one picks up, leave a voicemail–these messages “count” just as much as live phone calls; they are noted in the same database and communicated to the Member of Congress!

“Hello, my name is __________, and I am a constituent from your district. My zip code is ______.

I am calling because I am horrified by the COVID crisis in India, and I urge the US government to do more to stop this tragedy–which ultimately presents a threat to the health and security of the United States as well.  

I am glad that the US government has sent desperately needed vaccines and medical equipment. 

But this help is not even close to enough given the scale of this tragedy and the threat it can ultimately pose to Americans. I urge you to advocate for a significant and immediate increase in humanitarian assistance to India to mitigate the suffering and stop the spread of COVID.”

This is a volunteer run organization with no overheads.

United visions international is a registered 501 c3 non-profit organization. Therefore all donations are 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Your support will aid us in achieving our goals. Please use the EIN number 85-2156342 in donation receipt to claim your tax deduction.